Burger King French Fries Free Giveaway to Celebrate New Recipe

America’s second largest hamburger chain Burger King will be changing its recipe for their French fries. The new recipe calls for the fries to be thicker and have up to 20 percent less sodium.

The new fries will also have an additional coating which will keep the fries crispier and hotter for longer. This will be the first time the chain has changed its French fry recipe since 1998.

Over 7,000 of the chain’s restaurants in North America will be serving the new fries next week.

"We're always trying to have the best menu possible. French fries are a big seller for us and we want to make sure we're always improving," said Leo Leon, vice president of innovation. Leon said the new fries were tested against other options and that “this, by far, was the winner.”

Burger King will be promoting its new fries by giving away $1 value portions for free on Dec. 16.