Burger King Mascot Prank: Masked Man Passes Out BK Burgers at McDonald's (VIDEO)

A McDonald's manager was furious when a man dressed as the "King" walked into a Georgia fast food chain passing out burgers from its competitor.

Police were called to a McDonald's in Rome, Georgia after a man was filmed walking into the chain dressed as the "Burger King." The man proceeded by handing out free burgers from Burger King, dancing alongside customers, and even throwing in a "Gangnam Style" move or two.

The unnamed man also stopped to take photos with children, who were eager to pose next to the Burger King mascot. As the King left the restaurant, he was followed by a manger who questioned what he was up to.

"Can I ask you why are you doing that?" the manager asked him outside the chain.

"This is for charity, for a children's charity," the man replied. "We're raising money."

"How are you raising money by giving out burgers?" the manager asked. She later added, "Who are you raising money for?"

"It's for everybody. It's for the world. It's for all the children," was the vague reply that followed.

The man then added a few quick "thank you" before driving away. The manager informed him that she would be calling the police, but the mystery man was gone by the time police had arrived.

Police were able to track the car to a middle aged white man with dark hair, according to the Rome News Tribute. His 2001 white Acura was registered in Calhoun.

The group which leaked the video on Twitter was titled "The Woodcreek Faction," which labeled itself as a surreal comedy group.

"It ain't easy being the King!" the group posted the day after the event occurred.