Burglar Falls Back, Flees after Seattle Woman Shouts, 'Lord Help Me'

A Christian woman from South Seattle says she firmly believes God saved her from a burglar who entered into her house while she was praying, and that's why she initially didn't call police to report the crime.

The woman was kneeling on her kitchen floor in prayer on Feb. 19, when she felt someone grab her hair from behind, KOMO News reports, quoting the police report for the incident. She thought it was her husband playing a joke on her, so she continued praying.

When the woman, who was not identified by the news report, opened her eyes and turned around, she was shocked to see an unknown man standing in her kitchen. She yelled out, "Lord help me," and the man fell back, hitting his head on the fridge.

The man then stumbled out of the house, and the victim saw him get into a white mid-90s Cadillac with another man behind the wheel and drive off. The burglar didn't utter a word and only took a $20 bill that had been sitting on the table, she told police.

She added she firmly believes God saved her, so she didn't think she needed to call police to report the crime. However, her husband called the police a week later when a white Acura pulled into their driveway, turned around and left. He said he was concerned about it because of the burglary the week before.

In a somewhat similar incident in January, an armed robber, identified as 24-year-old Derick Lee, interrupted a Premiere Jewelry party in Lake City, Fla., but left empty-handed after the women in attendance began chanting the name "Jesus."

The suspect allegedly invaded the home of Jacquie Hagler during the party that was attended by around 18 people on Jan. 25. Wearing all dark-colored clothing, including a bandana to cover his face and a ski cap on his head, Lee allegedly entered the room, pointed a handgun at the women and told them to give him their money and phones. Thinking it was a practical joke and a part of the party, one of the women pushed the gun away and said, "It's only a water pistol."

The women took him seriously after he showed some of them the bullets, Hagler told The Christian Post. "The boldness of the Lord came up in me," said Hagler. "I stood up and I just pointed to the door that he'd came in from. I said, 'Get out of my house in the name of Jesus.'"

He threatened them again, and she told him to leave once more before the rest of the women in the room began to repeatedly shout the name "Jesus."

Lee briefly looked around the room while they shouted, though Hagler says he did not appear to be looking directly at any of the women, before he turned around and ran out of the room.