Bus Goes Off Bridge in Montenegro; 18 Dead, 31 Injured in European 'Tragedy' (VIDEO)

A bus went off a bridge in Montenegro after slamming into several other cars and killing Romanian tourists Sunday. The bus fell into a canyon, killing 18 people and injuring at least 31 others, according to reports.

The bus that went off a bridge was filled with 46 citizens of Romania, and was traveling from Mioska Morace to Kalsin, Montenegro newspaper Vijesti reported. Many of those on the bus were the elderly who witnessed the bus' dangerous ascent up the mountain after a rainstorm.

The bus driver was apparently "driving a little faster" when the vehicle began to skid, passenger Carmen Doborect told UPI. The bus hit other cars on the Zdrielo Bridge and plunged into a gorge on the Moraca River, which is about 18 miles north of Podgorica, the country's capital. The mountainous road is known for its accidents, and the tough terrain made it difficult to move the crash victims from the site.

The crash was "an extremely serious accident," with many people "in a life-threatening condition," Montenegro Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic said in a statement. Many of those injured were taken to a Podgorica hospital for treatment.

Among those injured was a child who was reportedly standing on the bridge before the accident, which happened around 3 p.m. local time. Investigators are currently looking into the cause of the crash.

"This is a tragedy for us," Michael Florovici, Romanian ambassador to Montenegro, said in a statement.

A helicopter had to be used to transport some of the badly injured victims, but many have received blood donations from over 100 donors so far, according to reports.

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