Bus Shelter in Canada Makes People Hold Hands if They Want Heat (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: OfficialDuracell/YouTube)

Canada knows cold. While parts of the American South were rudely introduced to winter weather in past months, our neighbor to the north is well-acquainted with freezing temperatures. This year, they just happen to be more freezing.

Duracell recently set up a heated shelter at a bus stop in Canada to give people a respite from the cold as they waited for the bus. But there was a catch. The battery maker wasn't just making a nice gesture, they wanted people to connect, breaking the stigma of physical contact with strangers. (And it's an ad for Duracell's Quantum battery.)

Just like their batteries do nothing if they're not in contact with something, Duracell's bus shelter doesn't provide heat unless people connect, mainly hold hands, to complete a circuit and activate the heater.

The commercial declares, "In Canada, we have cold winters. But we also have each other."