Busta Rhymes on Frank Ocean's Gay Announcement: 'It's His Own Choice'

Busta Rhymes has weighed in on Frank Ocean's decision to publicly announce that he is gay saying, "Whatever that man does in his personal space is that man's choice and that man's business."

Earlier this week Ocean publicly revealed that he was a homosexual on his Tumblr blog, saying that he was in love with another man.

MTV News spoke to rapper Busta Rhymes about what he thought of Ocean's announcement. Rhymes explained that he believed a person's sexual preference should have no bearing on their careers, and for Ocean people should judge him on his musical talents alone.

Rhymes said, "Whatever that man does in his personal space is that man's choice and that man's business. I am an extremely huge fan of Frank Ocean. His music is impeccable to me, and as far as I'm concerned, I respect the dude completely."

He added to MTV, "Just keep that music poppin' the way you been keepin' it brother, and you got my money. You got my money from the concerts, you got my money from when you put them albums in the stores, and it ain't gonna stop. As long as you continue to contribute your greatness, God bless him."

Speaking specifically about whether the hip-hop community was ready to accept an openly gay or bisexual artist Rhymes answered, "I don't know if it's just about hip-hop being willing to accept it, I think the whole world is ready to accept whatever people choose to be in life.

"From hip-hop all the way down to the common man that walks the streets on the Earth every day, we're at a place in life where we gotta respect and accept what people choose as their path that they wanna walk in life, because ultimately you want people to respect what you choose as your path and your journey in life."