Buy an Apple Product and Get a Free Gift Card at Many Retailers on Black Friday

Black Friday is just days away and shoppers have already started to camp in front of stores to get first dibs on some of the hottest deals.

Apple products are at the top of many shoppers’ wish lists and stores will be offering huge discounts on some of their most popular products.

Stores must sell Apple products at a certain price. As a result, some retailers are offering gift cards along with purchases of Apple products to sell them at a discount.

Meijer will offer an $80 store gift card with a purchase of a $499 iPad 2, marking the price down to $419.

A purchase of an iPod touch will come with a $40 gift card at Target. Toys R Us will be giving out $50 gift cards with a purchase of the iPod touch and a $30 dollar gift card with the iPod nano. Best Buy will also distribute a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPod touch. The touch usually retails at $195.

Radio Shack will also be offering a $25 gift card on select iPod models.

Retailers are fighting for shoppers’ attention as the biggest shopping day of the year approaches. Stores originally concealed their deals from consumers, but more recently, they have released their sales in an attempt to get shoppers excited for Black Friday.

BestBuy, Target and Kohl's will open their doors at midnight on Thanksgiving night. Macy's also announced they would open at midnight for the first time in the store's 153-year history. Toys R Us announced they will begin their door buster deals at 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

Holiday retail sales are expected to rise 3 percent and 212 million people are projected to go shopping on Black Friday, spending around $39 billion, according to Shopper Trak.