Byler Sextuplets: Kindergarten Proves a Challenge as 6 Siblings Go to 6 Classes (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Karoline Byler's sextuplets are heading to kindergarten, which will be the first time the 6 year olds have been separated at school.

(Photo: ABC News Screen Shot)Byler sextuplets are starting kindergarten, with all six going to a different classroom

According to ABC News, the sextuplets attended pre-K last year in groups of three, however, Karoline and the kids' teachers all agreed it would be better this year if they were to completely separate the kids this year for kindergarten.

So this school year Brady, Eli, Ryan, Jackson, Charlie and Mackenzie will be on their own for the first time since they were born on September 1, 2007.

Karoline said: "Five boys and one girl. No one else has that mix in the United States."

The mother also has described that her one daughter, Mackenzie, has no problem going to school on her own: "She plays with the boys, but she's used to being an individual more than the boys."

The sextuplets actually started kindergarten a few weeks ago, and the mother has admitted that some of her children are enjoying it more than others, as is to be expected.

Karoline said: "Some of them like it. Some of them don't. The ones that are more boisterous and outgoing are fine. The ones more quiet don't. Jackson cried the whole way to school on the first day of school."

The family have had their difficulties in separating all the children, and the logistics have also been hard to manage; they now have to speak to six different teachers about their children.

Also last week was the sextuplets birthday, and Karoline had to bring in more than 100 cupcakes for the six different classes for her children to celebrate with their new classmates in each classroom.

Here is a video news report into the story: