C.S. Lewis Devotional Now Available Through Bible Gateway in Remembrance of his Legacy

Legendary Christian thinker and author, C. S. Lewis, now has an online devotional featuring his writings through the Bible Gateway website.

Follow the devotionals here.

In addition to his most known works, "The Chronicles of Narnia," Lewis published more than 30 other books, as well as a great mind in modern theology. Bible Gateway's devotionals will feature passages from eight of Lewis' greatest Christian based books.

The most notable of the excerpts come from: "Mere Christianity," "The Screwtape Letters," "The Great Divorce," "The Problem of Pain" and "A Grief Observed," which were taken from "A Year with C. S. Lewis: Daily Readings from His Classic Works."

"Bible Gateway is honored to be able to help people easily access the rich and deep thinking of C. S. Lewis that is as relevant today as it was when he first wrote it," said Rachel Barach, general manager, Bible Gateway in a press release. "Lewis' writings are a natural and exciting addition to the robust features and resources already offered on Bible Gateway, including audio Bibles, reference materials, advanced Bible search tools and accessibility to global users from any computer or mobile device."

"C. S. Lewis is arguably the leading voice for people of faith in the English speaking world," said Mark Tauber, SVP and Publisher of HarperOne in a release. "We're thrilled to partner with Bible Gateway to bring his inspiring words to an even wider audience." 

The devotionals could not have come at a better time as this year marks the 50th anniversary of his death.

The C.S. Lewis Foundation ran an event, "Living the Legacy: The Vision, Voice, & Vocation of C.S. Lewis" from June 21-23 at the University of San Diego campus overlooking Mission Bay.

Remembering the importance of C.S. for his contributions in the literary world among other things is the main goal of the event.

"Nearly fifty years after his death, the popularity and cultural impact of C.S. Lewis is stronger than ever. His books are published in dozens of languages and inspire every new generation. The Chronicles of Narnia films have generated billions in ticket sales and continuous theatre performances of his works certify to the enduring imaginative power and wonder of Lewis' world.  It's also just been announced Lewis will be inducted this coming November into the famed 'Poet's Corner' at Westminster Abbey in London," the C.S. Lewis Foundation released in a statement.