Cabbage Patch Kids' Hats Bring Back 80's Trend

Cabbage Patch Kids may have been a thing of the past, but one Georgia woman is bringing them into the present in a new way. Amanda Lillie, 33, is the owner of a booming business selling Cabbage Patch Kid-inspired hats, which match the hair of the famous dolls.

"I thought it was the most adorable thing, but to me, it didn't look like a Cabbage Patch hat from what I remembered as growing up with the dolls," Lillie told ABC News. She first saw an idea for the hat on the social network Pinterest and began designing her own.

Lillie crochets each and every hat and sells them on, a crafting website.

"Just for fun, I wondered if I could make one that looked more similar that someone could actually wear. What you see now is what I came up with. I'm having a hard time keeping up with how many I've sold. I'm reworking my Etsy shop and bringing in help to meet the demand," Lillie added.

"Customers tell me they just love them and love to share them with the next generation," Lillie said. "They're just fun. I just made them on a whim, not for anything in particular, and they just seemed to end up being so much fun."

Cabbage Patch Kids were a huge hit in the 1980's, with the dolls being incredibly popular and in high demand by children. The company even issued collectible dolls, which can bring in hundreds of dollars for the serious collector.

"It's been kind of amazing to see," Margaret McLean, director of corporate communications for Cabbage Patch Kids, told ABC. "We're getting comments on how much people are enjoying them and they're starting to share pictures with us. We're very excited that people are thinking about their Cabbage Patch Kids again and sharing them with their kids."

An entire generation is now being exposed to the popular dolls, which have come a long way since the 1980s. Instead of a harder, ceramic head, they now have soft plastic, which is much safer for children. The company is still popular, but for children of the 80s, Cabbage Patch Kids will always hold special significance.