Caleb McGillvary, 'Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker,' Arrested, Charged With NJ Murder

May Have Been Victim of Sexual Assault in Late Lawyer's Home

A hitchhiker who describes himself as "homefree" and became an internet star after saving several people from a maniac in California, was arrested at a Philadelphia bus depot Thursday. Police sought him in connection with the murder of a New Jersey attorney, according to reports.

Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, 24, known on Facebook and YouTube as "Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker," is currently in custody. He was charged with killing Joseph Galfy, Jr., a Clark, N.J., attorney, who was found dead Monday.

McGillvary was arrested at the Greyhound terminal by Philadelphia police after New Jersey authorities issued a public notice asking for help in locating him, according to Union County Prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow.

"I am grateful for the overwhelming response and dedicated effort by the public and law enforcement that led to this arrest," Romankow said in a statement. "I believe that everyone is a little safer with this person off the streets."

Police revealed that Galfy's body was discovered two days after authorities said he met McGillvary in New York City. Galfy, 73, was found by authorities, who went to check on him after he was not seen for several days. He was only wearing his underwear and socks.

But statements posted on McGillvary's Facebook page indicate that the pair's encounter may have been sexual in nature against his will.

On his Facebook page, McGillvary's last posted comments on Tuesday and asks "what would you do" if you found out were drugged and sexually assaulted. One post tells him to use a hatchet. McGillvary's final comment on the post thread reads: "I like your idea."

Earlier Thursday, Romankow acknowledged the internet fame surrounding McGillvary, who saved several people during a maniac's attack in California in February.

"This man was well-known. That doesn't mean he did not or could not become involved in a crime," Romankow told reporters. "We believe he has murdered someone, an attorney by the way who was in the county, was well respected, well regarded for well over 40 years.

Romankow said he will be processed and sent to back to New Jersey, where his bail is set at $3 million.