Calif. Schools 'Indoctrinate' Children with Pro-Gay Messages, Claims Resolution

A group of Southern Baptists are lining up behind a resolution condemning the California school system for what they claim is a recent "tolerance" campaign that blatantly endorses homosexuality.

The resolution, authored by Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., a preacher and lecturer in the Southern Baptist denomination, and Bruce N. Shortt, author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, is a response to the recent enactment of California Senate Bill 777.

Baucham and Shortt claim that SB 777 indoctrinates students "to believe that the homosexual, bisexual, and other sexually deviant lifestyles are normal, acceptable, and the moral equivalent of biblical heterosexuality."

"[W]hen these schools can hide behind stealth phrases like tolerance, safe schools, multiculturalism, and safer sex, parents are often unaware of the dangers lurking beneath the surface," Baucham said in a statement.

"This resolution is an effort to shine the light of truth in the dark corners of our schools and force our brethren to take a long, hard, honest look at what we have tolerated for far too long," he added.

In their resolution, Baucham and Shortt call for California parents to withdraw their children from public schools while pursuing safe Christian alternatives to education such as homeschooling. The resolution also urges local churches to unite against and inform their communities of the harmful effects of SB 777 while praying for the salvation of "all homosexuals and other sexual deviants from their sexual sin."

"Homosexuals and others trapped in sexual sin need our prayers and concern, but Christian parents must make sure that their children are not being endangered by false teaching in government schools," Shortt explained.

"Unfortunately, most of our churches and other Christian organizations have refused to acknowledge that children in government schools are being inundated by a cascading torrent of spiritual and moral pathologies," Shortt added, emphasizing the importance of the resolution.

Baucham and Shortt have submitted their resolution for review at the Southern Baptist Convention's (SBC) 2008 Annual Meeting, which will be held June 10-11 in Indianapolis.