California Sea Lions, Oregon Sea Lions, and New Pup Born in the Bronx (VIDEO)

Taking a break from warmer west coast weathers to tempt their fate on the east coast, two California sea lions have officially become New Yorkers. Another two from Oregon have also joined their ranks and a fifth was born recently at the Bronx Zoo.

New York has been swimming with sea lions lately. After two orphaned sea lion pups were discovered off of the coast of Point Hueneme in California, emergency responders decided that the animals would be unlikely to survive on their own. Animal rescue workers recommended that the Prospect Park Zoo take them in. Both pups have since been put on exhibit and are happy in their new home.

"The pups are doing well and learning basic behaviors from the zoo's animal keepers. They are on exhibit in the sea lion pool along with the Prospect Park Zoo's two other females, Stella and Beebe," the Wildlife Conservation Society said in a statement.

But of course the Queens zoo got word that the Brooklyn zoo was now hosting a pair of baby sea lions, and they too decided to adopt a pair. The zoo turned to the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Bonneville, Ore. where they adopted two adult male sea lions. The new transfer, however, will not be alone and instead will "join Butch and Taylor (two sea lions already living at the zoo) to complete the bachelor group of four in the zoo's sea lion pool."

The Bronx Zoo didn't have to do much to compete as they have been preparing for the birth of a brand new sea lion for some months now. The female pup was born over the summer.

"The pup is the third baby born to mother, Indy. This is the sixth offspring of father, Kiani," the WCS said. The young female pup has not yet been named.