California Wildfires 2014 Latest Update: Fires Devastate Multiple Regions Across the State

(Photo: Reuters/Max Whittaker)Members of the CAL Fire Vina Helitack crew battle a spot fire as the fast-moving wildfire called "Sand Fire" burns near Plymouth, California July 26, 2014.

In Burney, California, two wildfires which are eight miles apart from each other have become a major threat to the people and infrastructure of three neighboring towns and the Mayer Memorial Hospital -- a hospital for the elderly that require long-term and intensive care.

Evacuations in the neighborhood were prompted when the larger of the two fires, which started at the Lassen National Forest, invaded the communities, engulfing eight homes. The patients at Mayer Memorial Hospital were evacuated to another hospital in Redding 55-miles away to ensure their safety while the crisis is ongoing.

There are 14 wildfires across California currently. This prompted a declaration of a state of calamity in California, governor Jerry Brown said last weekend, according to a report by ABC News 10.

Harsh winds can fan the existing blazes, which would ultimately speed up the spread of the fire. California has also been subject to lightning strikes, which lit a fire Wednesday, according to authorities.

While California residents are hoping for rain, flash floods and thunderstorms are not as welcome because such occurrences may further complicate firefighting efforts. Flash floods can jeopardize the safety of firefighters on field, while thunderstorms can jeopardize the operation that involves planes that spray retardants over the fire.