Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Released, Features Kevin Spacey (TRAILER VIDEO)

(Photo: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson)Kevin Spacey, executive producer of "The Social Network," nominated for best picture, arrives at the 83rd Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, February 27, 2011.

The new trailer for Call of Duty: Advance Warfare has been released and stars Kevin Spacey as the ominous villain who gives a speech about the downfall and failure of democracy. Several have compared his character in the trailer to his character on "House of Cards."

"Democracy, democracy, democracy is not what these people need," Spacey's character says in the trailer. "Hell, it's not even what they want. America has been trying to install democracy into nations for centuries and it hasn't worked one time. These countries don't have the basic building blocks to support a democracy."

Viewers see a montage of soldiers fighting in destroyed American cities as Spacey's character continues speaking about the peril of democracy.

"Little things like we ought to be tolerant of those that disagree with us. We ought to be tolerant of those who worship a different god than us; that a journalist ought to be able to disagree with a president. And you think you can just barge into these countries based on a fundamentalist, religious principle, drop a few bombs, topple a dictator and start a democracy?" Spacey asks.

"Gimme a break," he replies. "People don't want freedom. They want boundaries and rules … protection from invaders and from themselves. People need a leader who can give them the support and strength to keep chaos at bay. You give them that and they'll follow. And that's where I come in."

Spacey's character seems to be the lead villain proposing a complete overthrowing of the U.S. government in order to become a dictator. He is encouraging totalitarianism, with himself, of course, as the man in charge. Just what he has planned for the Call of Duty world has yet to be revealed, or will be revealed as one plays the game.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is due out on November 4 and is only the latest in the Call of Duty anthology of games.

Watch the official trailer here: