Call of Duty 'Patriots' Rumored as Next Game in Series; Allegedly Takes Place in Alternate WWI Era

(Photo: REUTERS/Gene Blevins)Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg speaks during the premiere of the video game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" in Los Angeles, California September 2, 2011.

Call of Duty's next game hit the rumor mill today with the reported name "Patriots" set to take place in a during World War I setting.

According to Bubble News, Call of Duty: Patriots will follow the character of Smith Black as he takes up arms for WWI, which would be in contrast to the numerous WWII games available. The game will reportedly be for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Further reports indicate the setting will have a bit of a fantasy element as it will be in an alternate version of the WWI era. The character will also be an alternate version of a past CoD character as well.

Bubble News reported the campaign will last roughly six hours and will contain two sub-campaigns. It will be the first in a series of three games, and will allegedly launch on November 14.

MP1ST originally claimed the game will be announced in May, and YouTube user Drift0r claimed he saw the game when it was code named "Call of Duty: Blacksmith.

Important to note is these are all rumors and nothing has been confirmed by the studios developing the franchise.

Just last week, Sledgehammer Games revealed a preview of their next title, and it seems unrelated to the new rumors. See the leaked image here.

Sledgehammer has taken over the reigns of the popular video game franchise and is looking to make this version more real than any of the others.

"We can't talk at all about Call of Duty for this year," Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey said with his studio co-founder Glen Schofield at GDC Vault. "[Activision] said you can't show anything from Call of Duty this year, and you certainly can't show in-game rendered characters from this year's game."

The images in the slides along with the one seen above, are created using "realistic facial modeling."