'Call the Midwife' Season 3 Spoilers: Trixie Has a Date, Shelagh Has a Plan (TRAILER VIDEO)

(Photo: Facebook/Call the Midwife)Promotional material for 'Call the Midwife'

"Call the Midwife" is all-new on Sunday, and it's one episode closer to the loss of lead character Nurse Jenny Lee. This past week, viewers learned that Sister Evangelina had an alcoholic brother she was desperate to take care of, and a new midwife joined the team. This week viewers will get more acquainted with Nurse Patsy and learn about her background.

A young lady is responsible with taking care of her father, and the nurses must help, as is their duty, in this week's new episode. Of course, with that intervention comes great responsibility and unpleasantness as the father feels he needs no help. Yet as the nurses tend to him, they find themselves tending to the young girl as well, and come together to help the family get back on track.

Meanwhile, a pregnancy causes concern for the midwives and sisters as they notice that all is not well between the soon-to-be parents. Fights break out between the two, and the man is overheard yelling quite angrily at his intended. She makes excuses for him, assuring the midwives that he is "not normally like that," but the nurses know better and do their best to protect both mother and baby.

Trixie finds herself attracted to the new cleric in town and the two enjoy a day of cricket together. Could Trixie finally be settling down with someone instead of keeping her options open? What would Nurse Lee think?

In another storyline, Shelagh is still vexed by her infertility and spends serious time thinking about what it is she truly wants out of life. Is it a child? Or is there something else that she wants to achieve? Her life is already busy with work at Nonnatus House and her husband and stepson, but a child has always been on her mind. What could her new idea be?

"Call the Midwife" airs Sunday nights on PBS.

Watch the trailer for Sunday's episode below: