Call to Prayer Spreading in Washington as Prayer Caucus Reaches Milestone in Membership

The spirit of prayer is rising in Washington, D.C., as the Congressional Prayer Caucus has reached a notable milestone of 100 members.

The bipartisan group of worshipers promotes the power of prayer as an important element in the growth and health of the daily lives of Americans. It celebrates the influence of prayer through a contemporary, as well as historic, perspective.

As CBN notes, the caucus began in 2009 when members felt the need to beseech God's blessing after voting on a congressional issue. Following the casting of votes, a small group of worshippers stepped into room 219 that is just off the House floor, slumped to their knees, and offered prayers.

In a presentation video on the purpose of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, members offer their sense of the caucus and the importance of prayer.

Lea Carawan, President of the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, said of the importance of prayers and caucus: "If we have issues with how America is being run, we have the power to change it."

Carawan also said, "We cannot do it on our own strength we need the supernatural hand of God."

Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-NC) said: "[The] prayer caucus has been a great way to bring together members of Congress. We leave political labels at the door; we just come together and pray for wisdom."

In considering the coming together of members of varied political stripes, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) spoke of the unity of purpose based on the need to restore the nation.

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) offered the sentiment: "You're not gonna find your solutions in man."

It is clear that members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus are mindful of their important roles in Congress as leaders and individuals who are able to influence the direction of this nation. It is also evident that they consider prayer to be an important factor in guiding the nation toward that path.