Callista Gingrich's Hair Represents Unfair Spending, or A Helmet?

Although Newt Gingrich has often become the spectacle to gossip sites, this week his wife has taken the spotlight due to her immaculate hairstyle that some say reveals her overly expensive lifestyle.

The criticism about Callista Gingrich's hair is not how disorderly it is but rather, oddly, how perfect it is and always the same, according to some. "What is remarkable about her 'do is that it is precisely the same every time she is in public view," the gossip site Gawker relayed.

"Her hair is platinum blond and very stiff, with one remarkable lock styled into an immobile, upward swoosh," Ariel Levy, writer for the New Yorker described her hair in his article "The Good Wife."

He also alluded to the fact that she isn't one to consider her hair a joking matter, recalling witnessing a certain incident at a Mount Vernon gift shop during a book signing. When asked where she got her hair done by a red-haired women she responded, "At Sugar House in Old Town," referring to a salon in Alexandria, near Washington D.C.

The red head women then proceeded with "You and I have such beautiful natural color," laughing and adding "yeah, right!" Levy then went on to describe that Mrs. Gingrich "kept her face frozen in a smile but did not appear amused."

Mrs. Gingrich's hair has drawn so much attention that an entire Facebook page has been made in honor of her hair, titled "Callista Gingrich's Hair." "Kind of reminds me of an old german army helmet ..."

Matt Collins created the group on Facebook, providing a picture for comparison. Other users were far less kind.

Some are more offended by the immaculate hair style because they believe that it represents excessive wealth.

The Inquisitr reported that the hairstyle costs about $400 to achieve at the salon that Mrs. Gingrich cited. They calculated the yearly cost to be around $3000. Earlier reports revealed that Gingrich had spent half a million dollars on Tiffany accessories for his wife.