Cameron Diaz Stylist Rachel Zoe Splits From Actress?

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(Photo: Reuters / Stefan Wermuth)Cameron Diaz poses for photographers as she arrives for the British premiere of the film "Knight & Day" at Leicester Square in London July 22, 2010.

Cameron Diaz and her stylist have reportedly split. Stylist Rachel Zoe and actress Cameron Diaz have had a long-standing relationship together as the actress became known as one of the most fashionable women in Hollywood, but if current reports are to be believed the pair have now parted ways.

Zoe has become known as Diaz's right-hand woman, helping her prepare for red carpet events, and often being praised for sculpting the perfect look for the actress.

However, reports out this week from the New York Post have suggested that the two have agreed to no longer work together. The publication seems to point the finger of blame for the split on Zoe's other fashion projects.

According to the site: "Some sources snipe that Zoe's been too busy building her own empire, with clothes, shoes, bags and accessories bearing her name, and that she's got less time for styling her celeb clients."

Although Zoe has numerous celebrity clients, Diaz is undoubtedly one of her biggest stars. However, she has also been connected to The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, who is to be featuring in Les Miserables, as well as Kate Hudson.

Zoe has previously been delighted to work with Diaz, saying that she is the "most grounded person I've ever met."

She has said, "From a fashion perspective, she's the most grounded person I've ever met. She just wears what feels right. She doesn't give into pressure. She doesn't care who makes what, as long as it fits her body and the occasion.

"[Cameron] always likes to do something unexpected. A little flair—or something shiny."