Cameron Diaz to Pen Nutrition Book for Teen Girls

Actress Cameron Diaz plans to come out with a nutrition book targeted toward healthy eating for impressionable teenage girls, whom she fears may be obsessed with being thin.

"This book is not about weight, it's about making the right choices," a publishing source told E! News.

"She wants to stop their fixation on being thin, and for teenage girls to understand that being healthy is more important," it said, adding "She wants to use her celebrity to make a difference. She knows she is a role model to girls and she really wants to use that position to do good."

Media outlets have suggested that Diaz is following in the footsteps of famous actress and good friend Gwyneth Paltrow, who has created a brand name for herself through her online lifestyle blog "Goop" and an easy recipe cook book.

According to E! News, Diaz hopes to affect young teen girls on an even grander scale, touring high schools after her book drop to educate young females on proper nutrition, including what vitamins and nutrients they need to stay strong.

She even hopes to change the meal options for kids in schools, thus perhaps making an impact on the current child obesity crisis in the U.S.

"Through this project, she wants schools to offer better meal options for kids. She wants to have an impact on a huge scale. In some way, she feels like this is her calling. This is her passion," the source told E!

Along with Paltrow, the source told E! that Diaz felt inspired to write the book after the death of her father, Emilio Diaz, who passed away at age 58 in 2008 due to pneumonia.

The source says Diaz swore to maintain a healthy lifestyle after this significant loss.

According to MSN, Diaz, 39, announced earlier this year that she wanted to start a fitness and wellbeing organization for the public, and the rumor of this book evidently shows she is taking her efforts one step higher.

Diaz's representative told E! News that although this is one of Diaz's purported business ventures, nothing is set in stone yet.