Cameron Mathison on 'The Carpenter's Miracle': 'Look for Everyday Miracles' (VIDEO)

Cameron Mathison has played a number of characters throughout his life, but in his latest role, he appears to be connected to a higher power. Mathison appears in GMC TV's "The Carpenter's Miracle," in which he plays an ordinary man, Josh, who is given an extraordinary gift.

The Christian Post: What made you interested in taking on this role?

Mathison: It was in the first couple of pages of script that I liked this guy. For me, it was a really different opportunity; I'm used to playing leading men who are confident, cocky. There was a sense of humility and selfless-ness about Josh … a real lack of self-importance. There's simplicity and a kindness that I really like, especially in today's society.

Right away, I have a lot of habits of playing leading men with bravado … Josh didn't want to be in the spotlight; he just wanted to help.

CP: What was it like playing a healer – one even called a "Savior" by some?

Mathison: It was a little pressure, but it was neat because Josh wanted to play against it. It was really important that for people referring to him as the second coming … It was nice to be referred to as that and not have it go to your head. Today there are a lot of people who can get carried away with their self-importance. Josh did not want that; he didn't want anyone to know about it if he did, in fact, have miraculous powers.

CP: How did you feel about your character's spiritual transformation in the film?

Mathison: I loved the transformation. In a way, we're all on our own spiritual journey; it's a bit sad that it took miracles and tragedy to get his attention. We don't all get those opportunities to learn how to be better. The more faith you have, the more help you can get, I believe. The miracles helped him develop his faith, but I'd encourage a viewer to look at the smaller everyday miracles that are just as important.

CP: What do you want people to take away from the film, especially given its release at Easter?

Mathison: It doesn't really bang you over the head with its message – it leaves a lot up to the imagination of the viewer. If something like this truly happened, what would the reaction be? We wanted to make this guy as close to human as possible, we didn't want him to be otherworldly or heroic. There's more of a split – is he a regular guy or superhuman? That's up to the imagination of the viewer.

Sometimes the most difficult, horrific things can be the greatest spiritual teachers. In this case, it's based around a miracle, but I don't think it's hard for people to look around and look at the hardest things ever, later with a spiritual filter, and then see that it was beneficial. It's like transforming adverse events in our lives into the positive.

"The Carpenter's Miracle" debuts on GMC TV on Saturday, March 30 and Sunday, March 31 at 7, 9, and 11:00 p.m. ET.

Watch a trailer for the film HERE: