Can a Christian Commit the 'Unforgivable Sin' Jesus Describes in Mark 3:28-29? (VIDEO)

("Calling of the Apostles" by Ghirlandaio Domenico)

In Mark 3, scribes from Jerusalem claim that Jesus' power to cast out demons originates from a possession by Satan. Jesus points out that they're making zero sense. "How can Satan cast out Satan?" he asks. And he makes the famous assertion that a house, as well as a kingdom, divided against itself cannot stand.

Christ closes his rebuttal with the warning that, while forgiveness abounds, there is a sin that is unforgivable: blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Those are scary words because it sounds like there's no coming back when you cross that line. But what does "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" mean?

In this video from, Brian Hedges, Lead Pastor of Fulkerson Park Baptist Church in Niles, Mich., provides his thoughts on the unforgivable sin Jesus is talking about. Watch it and SHARE this insight.