Kindle's Success May Make Way for New Amazon Tablet Success

Amazon appears to be planning the launch of its own device for the coveted tablet market, which if true, could be out this third quarter.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the iPad's new contender, a 9-inch handheld, would run Google's Android mobile operating system, currently gaining exploding popularity among both tablet and smartphone users.

The news outlet cited unnamed sources who revealed the Amazon tablet coming "before October."

If this new device were to go on sale today, it would surely be met with widespread appeal by users who have become enamored with Amazon's best-selling product, Kindle.

Kindle has given Amazon a positive image for producing devices and with the Kindle alone makes up 10 percent of Amazon's total sales by 2012, many users who enjoyed using the electronic book reader could dig into the new tablet.

Although Amazon has not officially revealed how many Kindle users there are to date, according to, a Citi Analyst made projections that in 2011 about 16.5 million to 17.5 million kindles would be sold. That's an awful lot of people from which you can find potential buyers for the new Amazon tablet.

Amazon also seems to be planning the launch of a more current version of the Kindle, a cheap version that could cost $99 dollars, according to PCMag.

Also on Wednesday, Amazon lowered the price of its current 3G Kindle to $139.

According to the WSJ, this new tablet would not sport a camera and would be designed by "an Asian manufacturer."