Can We Forgive You, But Not Be Seen With You?

 A Pastor fell from grace many years ago. His behavior was dark and despicable. Deservedly, he lost everything. After a long season away from the Lord, just like the Prodigal son, he repented. He received forgiveness from God and eventually experienced restoration from Christian leaders and Christian counselors.

His is a story of God's grace and the hope of a fresh start with God through Christ. This man is once again serving his Savior in a church. It's a 'win' for the kingdom.

Recently, this Pastor approached a minister he believed to be a friend – a minister who said he had forgiven this Pastor – and the Pastor asked the man if he might accept an invitation to be a guest speaker at the Pastor's church. What the fellow minister said next was as surprising as it was devastating.

He replied, "I don't think it's best to do that because the association with you might hurt my reputation." The Pastor left that conversation saddened and confused, wondering what this man meant when he said he had forgiven?