Canada Victim Identified, Killer Still at Large

The young man stabbed and dismembered by Canadian porn star Luka Magnotta has been identified as 33-year-old Jun Lin, a Chinese university student. Lin had been reported missing last week, and investigators are still searching for Magnotta.

Officials say that Lin and Magnotta crossed paths at Concordia University and were acquaintances, though they are unsure what led to the brutal killing. On Tuesday, two packages containing Lin's hand and foot were mailed to government buildings. Police then discovered Lin's torso stuffed into a suitcase behind Magnotta's apartment building.

Magnotta had posted a video of him killing Lin and dismembering his body. He is still at large, though Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest. It may be difficult to find Magnotta, though, as he is somewhat of an expert in disappearing.

He once published an online article entitled "How to Completely Disappear and Never be Found" in which he offered advice as to how to conceal one's identity.

Police stated today that they believe Magnotta may have fled to France before news of the story broke. Montreal Police Commander Ian Lafreniere told authorities,"What will hinder [Magnotta] the most is what he used to glorify himself, the web, with all the photos we have of him."

He added that it is possible Magnotta may be hard to identify, since he "is someone who can disguise himself. He can change into a woman, wear a wig." French officials have been briefed about the crime and are actively searching for Magnotta.

"We have quite convincing proof of the crime he committed," Lafreniere said earlier today. In addition to the film, Canadian police have evidence of Lin's blood covering Magnotta's room, a grisly sight for officers responding to the scene.

"For most of the officers that were there [in Magnotta's apartment] all night long, this is the kind of crime scene they've never seen in their career," he told the Associated Press yesterday.