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Cancer Cure Updates: Ethanol Gel Highly Potent in Destroying Tumors, Research Proves

Cancer Cure Updates: Ethanol Gel Highly Potent in Destroying Tumors, Research Proves

A laboratory researcher in a file photo. | REUTERS/Sebastian Derungs

Researchers from Duke University have recently formulated a cheap cancer cure that has already exhibited 100 percent efficacy in hamsters with tumors.

The research, which was already published in Nature Scientific Reports, was inspired by the already existing low-cost therapy referred to as ethanol ablation and has been improved to work on a wide variety of tumors.

Ethanol ablation is already used for the treatment of liver cancer and has proven to be effective despite costing only less than $5 for each treatment. After all, ethanol can kill some kinds of tumors because it destroys the proteins and effectively dehydrates the cells.

The researchers took inspiration from the process and modified it by mixing ethanol with ethyl cellulose to create a solution that eventually transforms into a gel within tumors. Because of this, the solution remains close to the tumor and has higher chances of destroying it completely.

The ethanol gel was tested on hamsters with oral squamous cell carcinoma. After a week, six out of the seven tumors regressed completely, and on the eighth day, all the seven tumors were completely gone, an indication that ethanol gel can, indeed, deliver 100 percent cure rate.

The research team believes that a single injection of the ethanol gel is enough to cure certain kinds of tumors, including the cervical precancerous lesions and breast cancers. However, while the results of the research are nothing short of interesting, the small sample sizes and animal model used in it can only mean that there is still a lot of work to be done before it can be proven that it is a foolproof method to cure cancer in humans.

Once ethanol gel is totally proven to work on humans, it will not only be one of the most effective cancer cures in the future but, perhaps, the cheapest, too. 


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