Candidate Killed in Storm: GOP Candidate Dies in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

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(Photo: Reuters/Gary He)Pedestrians walk past a semi-submerged taxi in Brooklyn, NY, as Hurricane Sandy hit land in the northeastern United States, Oct. 29, 2012.

A West Virginia political candidate has been killed in the storms on Tuesday, according to new reports.

The Republican candidate was killed in the huge storms spurned from Hurricane Sandy on Tuesday, and was the third fatality in the state due to the hurricane's arrival on the United States' East Coast.

The GOP candidate killed was identified as John Rose Sr., and was reportedly killed as he inspected a section of fencing on his deer farm in Barbour County. As he was carrying out the inspection he was hit by a large tree limb, according to his son.

Rose was running for a Republican seat in West Virginia's House of Delegates.

His death, however, came too late for his name to be removed from the ballot, and his name will now remain on the official ballots handed out to voters despite his death. That means there is a chance he could still win the vote, and in that case it has been confirmed that the governor would decide from a pool of three names to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

He was the third person killed on West Virginia by the storms - another man has reportedly died while tackling a snow storm, and another woman died in a car crash reportedly caused by the storms.

Hurricane Sandy hit the New Jersey coastline on Monday evening wreaking havoc across the Eastern Seaboard. New Jersey and New York City have been hit particularly hard and 48 hours after the hurricane hit there are still millions without power across multiple states.

Hurricane Sandy has also been blamed for the deaths of more than 50 people in the United States so far, and more than 100 in total including its hit in the Caribbean region last week.

President Obama made a visit to the hit areas on Wednesday and promised federal support for those suffering in the tragedy.