Candidates Prepare to do Battle for Weiner's Seat

Governor Cuomo recently announced a special election will be held on September 13 during the primary for embattled former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s seat. Assemblyman David Weprin has been chosen from Queens Democratic leaders as their candidate to replace Weiner, while the Republican Party named businessman and former movie executive Bob Turner as its candidate.

Former Democratic Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtsman is one of the candidates vying for Anthony Weiner’s 9th district Congress seat that will encompass parts of Brooklyn and Queens. In addition, Republican City Councilman Eric Ulrich recently decided to bow out of the race and continue to serve his Queens constituents.

Weiner’s seat has been open since June 16 after he resigned due to a sexting scandal. Other potential Republicans and Democratic hopefuls running are Asher Taub, Andy Sullivan, Juan Reyes, Tim Cochrane, Fred Britton, Steve Shiffman Robert Turner, Rory I. Lancman and David Weprin, along with former City Council member Melinda Katz.

Ulrich said in several televised reports he would rather serve in the position he is currently in.

“I have a great job, I love what I do,” Ulrich said, according to a show transcript. “I have the benefit of working with some really great people on the City Council and did I want to give up the rest of my term on the City Council and possibly getting re-elected in 2013 or even re-elected after that because of the term limits loophole, to be in Congress for a year-and-a-half?”

Holtzman, who served four terms in Congress from 1973 to 1981, said she would like to give the seat a shot, according to reports. She was an attorney and a professor at New York University before serving in Congress.

Many analysts believe the Ninth District could be chopped up when New York loses two congressional seats to redistricting before the 2012 elections.

“I can hit the ground running and I know I can fight effectively for the people of this district,” Holtzman said to the New York Times.

Weiner’s career came to a halt when it was discovered that he sent lewd photos and suggestive messages to six women via facebook and twitter. He originally denied sending any photos or messages to the press and then recanted and admitted doing so.

It was also noted that his wife of 11 months, Huma Abedin was 3 months pregnant when Weiner resigned.

There are no other major races on the ballet, so turn out is predicted to be light.