Candy Crush Saga IPO? King Touted to Take Company Public (VIDEO)

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(King/Candy Crush Saga Screen Shot)Candy Crush Saga

Those behind the Candy Crush Saga are set to take "King," the company behind the hugely popular game public by preparing an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

According to the Wall Street Journal, the makers behind the massively popular Facebook game recently hired JP Morgan Chase & Co., Credit Suisse Group AG and Bank of America Corp. to help prepare for an IPO.

Although the pricing and the scheduled IPO date have not yet been confirmed it appears that the decision to push forward on taking King public has been made.

However, a spokesman for King was more cautious in releasing the precise details of the plans, and the spokesperson states that the company has not "officially" confirmed that it will go public yet, but that it was an option they were weighing up.

The King spokesman said: "King's success and growth presents numerous opportunities for the business to develop further, and one option would be to take the company public. However, while it's an option for the future, we would not comment on when we could consider making such a decision."

Candy Crush Saga has more than 45 million users, and is the most popular game currently being played on Facebook.

However, other analysts have warned that simply because the game was successful on the social media site does not in any way guarantee that the IPO would be successful.

An example being thrown around is that of Farmville, which has seen shares decline by 71 percent since it first went public with an IPO in 2011.

King has said that it had 70 million daily users last month.

Here is a video news report by the Wall Street Journal into the rumors that King will plan an IPO soon: