Cannabis Without 'High' Developed by Israeli Scientists

Scientists in Israel claimed to have created a strain of marijuana that does not produce the mind altering effect or "high" users who smoke crave.

Local media reports indicated the high-less marijuana is the same as the real thing, in taste, looks and smell, but does not produce any of the effects associated with the use of the drug and its most noteworthy aspect, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

"It has the same scent, shape and taste as the original plant- it's all the same- but the numbing sensation that users are accustomed to has disappeared," said Tzahi Klein, head of development at Tikkun Olam, whose firm created the new strain of marijuana.

"Many of our patients who tried the new plant come back to us and say, 'You tricked me,' because they assumed they had been given a placebo," he told the Maariv Daily.

Reports indicate that Olam was aiming to remove the effect of THC from the plant while at the same time trying to increase the amount of another property of marijuana known as CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD has been proven to aid diabetics as well as treat many different kinds of psychiatric disorders.

Given the developments concerning this particular marijuana strain, experts agree that it likely will not have a big impact on local laws, which has made possessing or using the plant illegal.

Israel does, however, allow its use for medicinal purposes, given that patients get recommendations first from their health care provider. Some see this new strain as having a great impact on the current debate over medical marijuana given that it was created for strictly medicinal purposes.

According to figures published earlier this year by Sheba Medical Centre and the Israel Cancer Association, some 6,000 Israelis are allowed to use medical marijuana.