Cannibal Cop Case: Bail Denied for Co-Defendant of NYPD's Gilberto Valle (VIDEO)

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(Photo: MySpace/Michael Vanhise)Michael Vanhise

The co-defendant in the so-called "Cannibal cop" case has been denied bail on Monday. The 22 year old car mechanic, Michael Vanhise's plan to kidnap, rape and kill women across New York, along with NYPD officer Gilberto Valle, was found to be more than just an Internet fantasy, as the defense had claimed.

Prosecutors had said that the auto mechanic had confessed to the FBI about the cannibal plot, and Vanhise was ordered to be detained by U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman just three days after being arrested for planning the horrific attacks with Valle.

Former NYPD officer Valle, 28, will have his trial in a Manhattan federal court in just to weeks time. Charges claim that he planned to abduct, rape, murder and cannibalize his victims - young woman across the New York area.

Vanhise's attorneys said at Monday's hearing that no people were hurt in the incidences, and they further claimed that Vanhise had tried to want authorities about others taking part in online discussions about the plot.

The judge, according to reports, was convinced by prosecutors' arguments that Vanhise had confessed to FBI agents on Friday that he meant to carry out the plot with Valle. Assistant U.S. Attorney Randall Jackson insisted that although Vanhise had been speaking to the FBI since all the way back in October, he had made a confession on Friday that he had intended to carry out the plot with Valle.

It was also claimed that Vanhise had even conducted surveillance of some of the intended targets of the plot.

Jackson said, "He goes far beyond any fantasy," according to CBS News. He further revealed that Vanhise had haggled with Valle about the fee for kidnapping a Manhattan woman.

Although the defense has argued that Vanhise had reported others to police about the plot and online discussions, prosecutors have said that there are no police records verifying his claims to have made any such reports.