Capitol Hill Shooting: Over A Dozen Shots Fired, Police Lock Down Pennsylvania Ave (LIVESTREAM)

UPDATE 3:24: Shooter is confirmed to be female who got out of the car at Capitol Hill. A child was found in the car as well.

A Capitol Hill shooting resulted in a security lockdown after shots were fired Thursday afternoon. Those in the area said that over a dozen shots were fired, and one police officer has been injured in the shooting, according to reports.

The Capitol Hill shooting took place near the Hart Senate Office Building, which is about a block away from the U.S. Supreme Court. A black vehicle was rumored to have attempted to ram the gate at the White House and fled to Capitol Hill, but those reports remain unconfirmed.

One CNN videojournalist in the area, John Bodnar, said he could "smell the … gunpowder after the firing," confirming that "at least a dozen" shots were fired.

Not long after the shots were fired, the Capitol police, some of whom were on furlough, locked down the area with a swarm of police personnel vehicles and medical emergency trucks clogging the streets. Pedestrians around the Capitol remain face down on the ground as police assess the situation.

Capitol police and Washington, D.C. metropolitan police also released a "shelter in place" order, telling legislators and other civilians to follow procedure to safe rooms and offices.

For a live stream link to the ongoing coverage, click here.