Carly Rae Jepsen Sued for 'Good Time': Sounds Similar to 'Ah, It's a Love Song' (VIDEO)

Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City have been name in a lawsuit, which alleges that the hit tune "Good Time" too closely resembles a different tune.

Allyson Nichole Burnett, an Alabama-based singer-songwriter, has filed suit against Jaspen and Owl City, citing that their hit song "Good Time" resembles her own tune, which she released in 2010. Her song is titled "Ah, It's a Love Song" and according to her, has the same catchy pop tune.

The lawsuit lists issues with "identical pitch sequence ... melodic contour ... rhythmic construction ... [and] timbre," according to MTV. It also points out a similar "catchy pop vibe that both draws people in and sticks in people's heads."

Burnett is also filing that she has suffered "emotional and psychological damage." Apparently friends and fans alike have questioned her, accusing her of stealing the song from Jepsen.

"Good Time" reached No. 8 on Billboard Top 100 and was also used in a number of NBC shows in addition to a trailer for "Hotel Transylvania" and the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Fans have offered mixed review as to whether or not both songs sound similar.

"Not even close! I think her whole two fans are not only as dumb as she is, they are deaf! Her yucky song was released 2 years ago and clearly was a dud, because NO ONE has ever heard of it. She is only suing to get herself 15 minutes of fame and she shouldn't even get 15 seconds," one user wrote on a blog for The Point radio station.

"Yea that's pretty much stolen," a second user opined.

Burnett is seeking to obtain all royalties that have been earned off of the song.

Another user on a Yahoo blog blames the song similarities on the fact that all music is beginning to lack originality.

"These lawsuits are increasing in frequency because music is not an infinite source of material. The longer music and lyrics are written, the more overlapping and duplicating there will be," McMann44 commented.