Carman Licciardello 'Worried' After Doctors Require Further Cancer Testing

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(Photo:Facebook/Carman Licciardello)Carman shares a photo of his backstage miracles, October 15 2016.

Singer Carman Licciardello is "worried" because although a tumor found on his shoulder was recently surgically removed and found benign, doctors have called him in for further cancer testing.

After being in remission from cancer over the past four years, the iconic Christian entertainer is asking for further prayer.

"BACK IN FOR MORE TESTS. I'M ASKING FOR PRAYER: You all have prayed me through incurable cancer, a tumor and a heart attack. So I'm a huge believer in presenting you, my friends, with prayer requests," Carman wrote on Facebook.

Before getting the tumor on his shoulder removed, the evangelist went on to fulfill his dream of becoming a life coach. He explained that due to this semi-annual testing he now has to reschedule some of his online life coaching tasks.

"I am concerned about these new tests. In the beginning my diagnosis gave me 3-5 years 'if' I received 8-9 months of intense chemotherapy. Right now I am 6 months away from completing that 5 year maximum survival rate. Things are changing in my testing too. They are dropping some of the more basic tests like MRI's and increasing the blood tests. Before I would do 3 days of testing and get the results later that week at home. I had a tumor removed recently and Now the Doctor is insisting on meeting with me alone next Thursday. And yes I am concerned," he revealed.

Entertaining the idea that these testings can mean the doctor found something wrong, Carman began to detail things he still hopes to do before his time on earth is up.

"There's still tours I want to do. Places I have yet to minister at. I want to go back to the Cree Nation in Canada. I'm trying to finish this Legacy record project and fundraising is slow. And then I looked at the title 'Legacy' and thought, 'Oh no, is this prophetic? Is this really my Legacy, my last music project ?.' All this added hospital stuff does play with your mind," he explained.

"As a life coach I see into someone else's drama and help them see the upside and where God is in all of it. But looking at my own life I freeze up and start to worry. I guess I'm just too close to it. So I'm asking you for prayer and your view of 'What do you see or feel that God is doing through all this?'" he concluded.

Along with life coaching, the singer's full attention has been on the release of his new CD, Legacy. However, he admits he had to launch a GoFundMe campaign to ask for financial support to make the album.

Carman is offering a VIP concert package for fans who donate to Legacy. The offer includes a DVD set, autograph, T-shirts and concert tickets. He has always maintained that his life's goal now is to "win souls," so the 61-year-old promises to provide new content along with a few remakes of older classic songs.

On Feb. 14, 2013, Carman first shared that he had been diagnosed with myeloma cancer and given only three to four years to live. Fortunately, the popular entertainer survived cancer and by early 2014 he testified that medical tests indicated he was cancer free.

Since then, Carman has been in remission with no trace of cancer in his body until his recent tumor scare.

The evangelist has had a string of health scares lately and along with the cancer battle he's made known that he also suffered several heart attacks in recent years. He was rushed to the hospital in 2016 after a concert because he was suffering from chronic chest pain which was diagnosed as a heart attack.

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