Carmelo Anthony Opens up About Secret Surgeries

Carmelo Anthony has officially commented on his knee and elbow surgeries, which took place last May.

The New York Knicks’ forward recently detailed his two operations on the Boomer & Carton radio show. Anthony admitted that his surgeries involved removing loose chips from his left elbow and having a broken bone fragment taken out of his right knee, the Associated Press wrote.

However, Anthony said he chose to keep the procedures to himself at first.

“I just wanted to go in there and get it done and not have a big movie surrounding that. Eventually it came out. It came out when I was healthy."

Although the Knicks never told the public, speculation surrounding Anthony’s injuries made headlines. However, the star Knicks’ player said that a lot of people were unaware that he had been injured during the last season.

"The Knicks knew," Anthony said. "I felt they were the only people who should know at that point. I needed surgery for a long time. They didn't know how I was playing with an elbow injury."

Anthony spoke to leaders within the Knicks organization about correcting his injuries back in April. After the team was knocked out of the first-round of the playoffs, Anthony said he agreed to have the operations.

Knowing that a lockout was approaching, Anthony said he went ahead to correct his knee and elbow issues surgically.

"I told them I wasn't feeling right throughout the whole season," Anthony told WFAN. "They agreed with me. I personally thought it was a great time. I knew of the lockout - didn't know how long it would be - but I knew I would have some (extra) time.”

After recent comments surfaced from teammate Amare Stoudemire, Anthony said he agreed that a league created by NBA players was not a far-fetched idea.

“It's possible,” Anthony said. "It's very possible, with all the relationships and connections players and agents have."