Caroline Wozniacki Boyfriend, Rory McIlroy, Hints at Marriage: 'When You Know, You Know'

Former WTA No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki is not willing to take no for an answer. Whether it's defending her reputation as a tennis player or her relationship with pro-golfer Rory Ilroy, she's not afraid to prove a few critics wrong.

Wozniacki has been dating Ilroy since 2011. Since, she has slipped from a no. 1 world ranking into 9th place, prompting some to believe that Ilroy has been bad for her game. But that isn't the case, according to Wozniacki who, as she prepares for the upcoming Wimbledon Tournament, hopes that her second wind of gold is still ahead of her.

"I think I've done most things that I could in the tennis world," she said in an interview with The Guardian. "Obviously winning tournaments is something that is always a priority and of course I want to do well in the grand slams, because I've reached finals, semi-finals and quarter-finals, but I haven't won a grand slam yet."

"That's something that obviously I would like to do but again I don't put the pressure on myself because I believe when it's meant to be, my time will be, and that's basically it," she added.

In regards to her relationship with Ilroy, Wozniacki explained that dealing with the media is something that she and Ilroy have had to do for years so ignoring it is not hard to do. It also helps that she and Ilroy are good at time management.

"I think what Rory and I have is very special. He's trying to work it out with his schedule, I'm trying to go and see him when I can, so in that way it's been working out well so far. We speak every day but we never have a set time where we have to speak. We just do it because we want to," she said.

Rory has voiced similar confidence in his relationship, going even further to suggest that Wozniacki could be the one.

"Golf and tennis follow the sun; we go around the world to pretty similar places. It's not easy, but we make it work," Wozniacki told The Guardian. "When you know, you know."