Carrie Prank Video Goes Viral: Customers Scream, Freak Out at Telekinetic Attack on New York Cofee Shop (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A hilarious prank carried out as a marketing stunt for upcoming horror movie "Carrie" has freaked customers out at a coffee shop.

(Photo: YouTube/CarrieNYC Screen Shot)A Carrie prank has gone viral on the Internet

The video starts off with the caption: "A telekinetic surprise."

The pranksters went through great lengths to prepare the prank, by setting up a fake wall inside a coffee shop in the West Village of New York City.

They then connected a stuntman via wires to a wall, and prepared remote controlled tables and chairs. They also applied springs behind pictures on the wall, and books from bookshelves.

The video shows that many of the people in the coffee shop were actors helping to set the atmosphere as they prepare to scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting customers.

One of the actors then "accidentally" spills coffee on another acting customer, who gets angry for spilling it on her laptop.

She shouts at the man for the accident then shouts, "You know what? Just get away from me!"

She then lifts up her hands and the actor flies back against the wall and then he is dragged up, pinned mid-air against the wall. The clip shows customers flipping out, with their mouths wide-opened, some of them screaming.

The so-called telekinetic actress then starts to freak out herself, and throws her arms forward, making all the tables and chairs suddenly fling back away from her. Coffee shop customers then run back, some making their way for the door.

The actress then screams, sparking photo frames and books to fly off of the shelves.

Some customers can be seen filming the scene with their phones, while some shout, "Oh my God!"

Watch the prank below (and please remember it is all simply special effects):