Carrie Underwood Cheers Fisher On, Dispels Divorce Rumors

Carrie Underwood silenced reports of a divorce after cheering on husband Mike Fisher during a hockey match earlier this week.

Despite rumors of a split, the country music singer supported her husband of three years who is the center for the Nashville Predators. Fisher's team took on the Detroit Red Wings in Nashville on Monday night, winning four to six in the final.

Fisher was the clear winner in a donnybrook with Detroit' Justin Abdelkader during the second period.

Even more importantly, Fisher's marriage to Underwood appeared to be safe during the hockey match when his wife appeared on the sidelines.

Last week, reports arose that the couple's marriage had hit the rocks.

"Mike is fuming," a source told Star magazine. "Carrie is thrilled about all the opportunities, but she's very conflicted and confused. She and Mike are barely speaking. Between his schedule with the Nashville Predators and her rehearsals, they barely saw each other the last three months. When they did steal some time alone, Carrie was wiped out physically and emotionally. The ordeal left Mike feeling neglected and ignored."

Nevertheless, Underwood nor Fisher have commented on rumors, and it is believed the couple remains centered in their Christian faith.

In addition to attending Fisher's hockey match on Monday, Underwood has made it very clear that her marriage comes before her career- further disproving the report found in Star magazine.

"He knows [performing] is what I love, and he completely supports me in it, as I do him," the singer told People magazine. "But if Mike ever told me he needed me to quit, I'd quit. When you make that promise to somebody, and you stand before God and your family and friends, you've got to do everything that you possibly can to make that work."