Casey Anthony Book: Prosecutor Jeff Ashton Reveals Why Anthony Was Acquitted (VIDEO)

A prosecutor in the Casey Anthony murder trial is releasing a tell-all book about the case, revealing his thoughts on how Caylee died and explains why Anthony was acquitted.

 Casey Anthony Trial: Prosecutor Jeff Ashton Reveals Why Anthony Was Acquitted

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton is promoting a new book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony in which he reveals the contents of Casey Anthony's psychological report which has never been disclosed before.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Ashton claims that right before the start of the trial, Casey related to two mental health experts that her father, George Anthony, killed her child in the family pool.

According to Ashton, Anthony also claimed that she had been abused by her father and expressed concern that he would have done the same thing to her daughter.

Ashton details what the prosecution got wrong in the trial, and reveals why he is convinced of Anthony's guilt in the death of her daughter.

The two doctors were not called to testify at the trial, neither was the defendant, Anthony. Still, Ashton will reveal the particulars of how the case would eventually unfold.

Ashton said, "I look forward to the opportunity to share the story of the three years we spent prosecuting the person responsible for the death of Caylee Anthony." 

“Imperfect Justice” hits bookshelves Tuesday.