Casey Anthony in Hiding: Learning Foreign Language to Flee America?

Casey Anthony has remained in hiding over recent weeks with reports now emerging saying she is taking photography courses and learning a foreign language, according to People magazine.

The 25-year-old, who was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, earlier this year, is reportedly taking pictures of wildlife and may possibly leave the U.S. once her probation is up, which explains her learning a foreign language.

“She would love to go out to meet friends and do public things but she knows she can’t,” a source told People.

Another source told the magazine, “There are people out there who would like nothing more than to beat her up - or worse.”

Anthony has been described as “one of the most hated women in America” by a Department of Corrections spokesman.

Her acquittal drew anger from the public who believe that she is guilty of the murder.

Casey Anthony had her first monthly probation visit at the beginning of the month as she serves one year probation for check fraud. According to reports released from her probation officers Anthony was still unemployed, and has not taken any drugs or alcohol over the previous month.

A spokesman for the Florida Department of Corrections where Anthony reported for probation said, “She was cooperative and answered all the questions of her probation officer.”

Since Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her daughter Caylee, she has been a constant feature in the news. Previously it was decided that she must serve one year probation for check fraud following a mistake in original court documents, in an incident unrelated to her murder trial.

She is currently in hiding in northern Florida while she serves her probation for the check fraud conviction.