Casey Anthony Latest News: Anthony Rushed From Hideout After Assassination Threat

Casey Anthony was rushed out of a Florida safe house she was staying at Tuesday night after an alleged hit man pinned a death threat to her door.

Despite authorities trying to shield Anthony's whereabouts, a man found where Anthony was hiding and posted a note on her door that read: "I know where you are, I'm coming to put a bullet through your brain."

The National Enquirer said the threat was similar to an email recently sent to Anthony's bodyguards.

"I want her dead! if I knew where she was I would do it myself!" said the email.

Anthony's bodyguards did not take any chances and rushed her out to another emergency hideout, according to the report.

"Her bodyguards rushed her off in the middle of the night to another safe house a prearranged safe hideout that was available in the event of such an emergency," said a source told the National Enquirer.

In July, Anthony was found not guilty in the murder of her 2-year old daughter Caylee. The case garnered national attention.

Caylee went missing in July 2008. Her remains were found five months later near her east Orange County home in Florida. Anthony did not report Caylee missing for 31 days.

Anthony claimed Zanny Gonzalez, also known as "Zanny the Nanny" kidnapped her daughter Caylee. Anthony upheld the claim for three years until her legal team said the nanny never existed.

In the following days after Anthony reported Caylee missing, she gave false statements to law enforcement and it was discovered she partied in the days following her daughter’s disappearance.

"There are plenty of people who want to kill Casey because they believe she got away with murdering little Caylee," said the source.

"The fact she is still hidden and still alive is testimony to just how good her team of bodyguards are. They're the best, but it was a very close call," the source added.