Another Casey Anthony Lookalike Feels the Public's Heat

Concetta Graves, another Casey Anthony lookalike, was attacked in Orlando, not long after there was sighting of Anthony in Ohio.

Graves, an author, complained on her Facebook of being harassed at a post office and described her ongoing experiences of assault.

“Today was a very scary day for me!” she wrote on the social networking site. “It started at the post office where a guy flung open the door and yelled, ‘Oh my god, is that Casey Anthony???’ I looked around to see who he was talking about and it was ME!!!”

The man had purportedly “aggressively stalked” her and followed her out of the post office.

Others around her at that time had asked her if anyone had tried to hurt her yet for her strong resemblance to the 25-year-old, while two clerks asked to see her ID even though she noted she was paying with cash.

Another incident occurred when she and her brother D.M. Blade were taking a walk together in their neighborhood, which happened to be near the Anthony home, according to WESH Orlando.

Three men in a pickup truck shouted “baby killer” as they drove by while “one of the guys charged at [Blade] and pushed [him] to the ground.”

Her brother ended up with two black eyes while trying to defend his sister.

Some have advised the published author to dye her hair, stop wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, lay low, and dress differently while she is “bumming around.”

Her response? “Hey Casey, I’m older... you do all those things!!!”

Though she does not believe she resembles the accused killer, she does acknowledge that with her sunglasses and cap, there may be a similarity.

With the Anthony case unlikely to die down anytime soon, Graves knows what she must do in order to protect herself – resign her baseball cap and sunglasses for now, at least for her and her family’s safety.

“If my story can help other people say before they react, ‘Wait a minute maybe that’s not her,’ you know then that’s a good thing,” she told WESH.

Sympathizers have left several messages of support on her wall, stating things like “you don’t deserve it” and “stay strong.”

“Thank you to all those people who have said such nice things,” Graves shared on her Facebook wall.

Not the first woman to be attacked for resembling Anthony, Sammay Blackwell was also another victim of harassment in Oklahoma. She was accused of looking like Anthony at a convenient store where she worked, and was followed after leaving the store.

Blackwell was rear-ended and struck by a woman named Shireen Nalley, who wanted to stop the lookalike from hurting and killing any more babies. Nalley was arrested on charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and purportedly stated she was only trying to save babies, according to KOTV.

Though the Anthony trial has been over for a few weeks now, the effects appear to be long-lasting, with the public still angry over the not guilty verdict reached by the jury. Anthony was released on July 17, after serving nearly three years in jail where she subsequently went into hiding.

Photos of Anthony surfaced recently, however, showing the former mother in Ohio shopping, wearing a baseball cap and glasses – the same style that has brought much trouble for all of her alleged lookalikes.