Casey Anthony Probation on Friday: Plans to Flee Country?

Casey Anthony will be free from probation on Friday after serving a year in Florida for check fraud.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee last summer. Caylee went missing in 2008; her mother, then 22, drew attention to herself after spinning a web of lies to police. While Anthony was found guilty in 2011 of four misdemeanor accounts of providing false information to a law officer, she was found not guilty of first-degree murder.

Anthony had previously pleaded guilty to stealing a checkbook from a friend before the murder occurred. For this she received one year of probation in the state of Florida.

Now, however, Anthony has officially served her one year probation and as of Friday may go and do as she pleases.

"She's complied with all the terms of her probation and she's looking forward to having her freedom to move forward because, even though she's been out of jail for the last year, she's essentially still been in prison by the requirement that she remains in one location," Anthony's attorney Charles Greene told ABC News.

It has previously been reported that Anthony had plans to flee the country as soon as her parole time was up.

"Casey is counting the days until her probation ends. She has been researching countries that she could move to and Costa Rica is at the top of the list," a source told Radar Online in June. "Casey wants to live in a warm tropical setting and the cost of living is extremely low in Costa Rica. She wants to put as much distance as possible from Florida. Costa Rica appeals to her because Americans are warmly embraced by the locals, and she feels this is the best place to start a new life."

Anthony's lawyer explained her need to flee Florida by stating in a recent interview that some people's obsession with Anthony borders on psychotic.

"People ranging from the media to people with lawsuits against her to people with just a fantastic obsession with her search for her on a daily basis," Greene told ABC. "People have a fascination with her life that, for some people, borders on psychotic."