Casey Anthony Refuses to Answer Questions About Caylee, Threatens to Walk Out of Deposition

(Photo: Reuters)Casey Anthony and her lawyer Jose Baez are driven away from the Orange County Jail in Orlando, Florida July 17, 2011. Anthony was released from a Florida jail on Sunday to resume the life interrupted three years ago when she was charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Anthony was acquitted by a jury on July 5 of culpability in Caylee's death.

During her deposition in the case of Zenaida Gonzalez, Casey Anthony threatened to walk out if asked questions about the death of her daughter, Caylee. Anthony refused to answer any questions asked by prosecutors and then threatened to walk out nearly two hours later.

"Anthony refused to answer many questions, prompting Gonzalez's lawyers to ask a judge to compel her replies," the Orlando Sentinel reported. "A hearing on that motion is set for next week."

Anthony accused a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez of kidnapping her daughter back in 2008. She claimed that the woman worked for her as a nanny and for some reason took the 2-year-old and then disappeared. Gonzalez decided to sue Anthony for libel and slander and said that the accusation had ruined her reputation and life.

"Now, is there any way in the world that you could suggest to me that I might find this person to see if she ever existed?" Keith Mitnik, an attorney for Gonzalez, asked Anthony.

"I don't know if you could or not, sir," Anthony replied.

"Do you have a significant problem with not telling the truth?" Mitnik asked.

"No, sir, I do not," Anthony asserted. She also denied that "Zanny" was a code word for the prescription drug Xanax. Anthony claimed that Zanny was what she called Gonzalez since her first name started with a "Z" and she worked as a nanny.

"So at the time you were making up the entire story [about] Zenaida having Caylee, where was Caylee?" Mitnik asked.

"At the advice of counsel, I decline to answer any questions about my daughter. If you ask me again I will walk out of this room," Anthony said.

Anthony was found not guilty of her daughter's murder, causing a great deal of controversy throughout the country. She has been in hiding since her trial, fearful for her life, and only recently began surfacing. In this case, a judge compelled her to show up at the deposition.