Casey Anthony to Walk Away a Free Woman Next Week

Casey Anthony will be released from the Orange County Jail as a free woman on July 13, less than a week from today.

Anthony was charged on seven counts but was found not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter on Tuesday.

The jury only declared her guilty of lying to law enforcement on four separate occasions.

After Judge Belvin Perry sentenced Anthony to four years in prison Thursday morning for the four counts, he met with the defense in order to determine a release date for the defendant.

Factoring in her previously served time since 2008 and her good behavior in jail, Perry announced that July 13th would be her day of release, much to the shock of the public.

Protests outside the courtroom have already started against Anthony, who faces what seems like a long road of recovery ahead.

Though the jury found her innocent of murder, the majority of the public has a different verdict in mind and is not afraid to voice it.

Taking matters into their own hands, many are unwilling to let Anthony live a free life, adamantly opposing any future book deals or movie adaptations.

Signs like “This is ... your way for justice for Caylee no Bella Vita” and “Plenty of evidence. No guts jury” wave in front of the courthouse, demonstrating much outrage.

A few wrote on cardboards “Casey will you marry me?” either mocking the 25-year-old or genuinely showing interest in a defendant who has garnered much criticism for her party girl ways.

Law enforcement has specifically asked the public for peace regardless of their opinion on the verdict.

Once Anthony is released, she will most likely fulfill a one-year supervised probation period.