Casey Anthony to Move to Puerto Rico, or Maybe Los Angeles?

With Casey Anthony’s release from jail just days away, many are speculating that she will flee the country as soon as she gets out – Puerto Rico being a likely refuge.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of HLN, told the public that she believes Casey may head towards the Spanish island to seek anonymity and solitude.

“I’ve had sources tell me that she’s going to leave in the dead of the night. They’re going to go out the back way, five to seven vehicles, and then she is going to leave town,” Velez-Mitchell stated, according to The Imperfect Parent.

“We’re thinking maybe she might go to Puerto Rico.”

Agreeing with the HLN host, Aphrodite Jones also shared, “It makes perfect sense, because Jose Baez is Puerto Rican.”

Baez was Casey’s lead defense attorney, who quickly gained fame after he helped acquit his client on charges of murder, manslaughter, and child abuse.

In his opening statements during the trial, he alleged that 2-year-old Caylee Anthony died after she drowned in her family’s swimming pool and that Casey’s father George helped cover the death up.

“[Baez has] got the whole Spanish community with him,” Jones said.

“[Casey] can basically sit close to home. She can be lying low...In essence, she gets to have a retreat from her three years in prison and start over again.”

But Jones was also skeptical that Casey would have a warm welcoming on the islands.

“She’s going to have to dye her hair...cut her hair. She better start doing something really different with her looks because even in Puerto Rico, I don’t think this woman is going to have a kind reception.”

Velez-Mitchell, a Puerto Rican herself, also shared the same sentiments, saying that she wasn’t sure if Casey would be able to hide out there as well because many in San Juan and other parts of Puerto Rico watched the “wall to wall” coverage of the story on their network.

Regardless, Puerto Rico may in fact be a viable option for the 25-year-old, as Velez-Mitchell noted that there were plenty of other islands surrounding the commonwealth. HLN reported that Casey might fly directly to San Juan, Puerto Rico once she is released.

Rumors have also spread that she may flee to Ohio – Casey’s birth state and home to an aunt and uncle – Texas, or even Los Angeles, a place she can capitalize on her fame.

A “Casey Anthony watch” is expected to start early Sunday, as the hordes of angry citizens await her release from the jail, hoping to seek justice for the toddler themselves. She may, however, be escorted through a back exit or transported to an altogether different facility for obvious safety reasons and possibly evade the public.

Death threats have already been made to the Anthony family, as well as towards the defense attorneys. Jurors as well have not been well received by the public after their not guilty verdict.

With much of the general public in outrage, Casey’s release, just three days away, is likely to be nothing short of controversial.