Casey Anthony Trial: High-Tech Forensic Evidence Lead to Acquittal

With Casey Anthony's imminent release from prison – which could take place as early as 12:01 AM, July 17 – many are still furious over how Anthony was acquitted against the charges of having murdered her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

CNN published an article regarding the leading reasons that lead to Casey's acquittal. In summary, the prosecutor's high-tech forensic evidence, some obtained through "forensic techniques...never allowed in any trial in the U.S." were insufficient to answer key questions and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey had killed Caylee.

The article questioned the ability for any average member of a jury to distinguish between what is “good science” and what the defense team called “junk science,” regarding the high-tech techniques used by the prosecutors to provide evidence.

According to Professor Adina Schwartz of the Department of Law, Police and Criminal Justice Administration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, it was "very cheering to see a jury follow the law and directions of the court."

Apparently, the prosecutors weren't able to prove and answer questions to how, when, where, and why the victim was killed, which led juror No. 3 to vote in favor of Casey's acquittal.

Once released, Casey is expected to be met with various protesters huddled up just outside of her jail facility.

Most people expect Casey to inevitably change her name, her hair and her looks upon being released, in addition to living in a remote place before attempting to re-introduce herself to society.