'Castle' Season 6 Spoilers, Beckett to Be 'Killed'?

(Photo: ABC Screen Shot)A Castle Season 6 advertisement.

"Castle" is back with a brand new episode entitled "Smells Like Teen Spirit" set to air on Monday, Feb. 17, but fans are wondering what else season six has in store.

Spoilers surrounding the latest season of ABC's hit show revealed that Kate Beckett (portrayed by Stana Katic) may be killed during an operation that goes horribly wrong. According to TV Guide, the NYPD homicide detective goes undercover in an upcoming episode of "Castle" when she is mistaken for someone else and put in grave danger.

"Beckett thinks she's pretending to be one person, but discovers that [the criminals] think that she's somebody else completely," the show's creator Andrew W. Marlowe told the entertainment magazine. "She has to navigate those waters and figure out who she's supposed to be, and any mistake could get her killed."

Furthermore, once the operation falls apart, the "Castle" creator said that Beckett will encounter the same people who were involved in her mother Johanna's murder. However, TV Guide did not reveal which episodes of the show in which these events will take place.

The next episode of "Castle" will see "a high-school mean girl is killed, and the prime suspect is a fellow student who may possess telekinetic powers," according to the synopsis on TVGuide.com.

Meanwhile, "Castle" star Seamus Denver, who portrays Kevin Ryan, recently divulged information from a writer's perspective of the relationships on the detective drama series.

"I know [writer] Andrew likes the idea of seeing the progression of things," Denver explained. "Esposito might never get married and doesn't even have a permanent girlfriend. Ryan is very settled and going to be a dad. So, on the [relationship] scale, we're polar opposites and Castle and Beckett are somewhere in the middle, heading towards marriage and babies and things like that. I think its fun for [the writers] to play off of that."

"Castle" airs Mondays on ABC at 10/9c.