Cat With Eyebrows Photo Goes Viral: Thousands Flock to See Cute Cat (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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(Photo: the cat has eyebrows

A photo of a cat with eyebrows has gone viral and is taking the Internet by storm with animal lovers everywhere enjoying the unique look. The photos show a white cat with markings on its forehead, which resemble eyebrows, and has had Internet users kicking up a storm on social media sites.

"Sam the cat" has already garnered thousands of followers on Instagram since the image was first posted. With over 7,000 followers and growing, a website,, is in the process of being developed. The page shows an image of the cat with its signature eyebrows and the words "coming soon."

The amazing popularity of Sam the cat has led some to comment that the cat is heading for the same cult following as Boo the dog, who was labeled the cutest dog in the world, and has sparked a number of merchandise opportunities for the dog's owners.

Boo, a Pomeranian dog with a bear look, was dubbed "the cutest dog in the world" and has over 6.5 million followers on Facebook.

The dog belongs to a Facebook executive who created a Facebook page with the statement: "My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good."

Two photo books of the dog have been published so far, as well as calendars and an additional children's book. A stuffed doll is among the many Boo featured goods on offer to fans.

Virgin America even appointed Boo as an official "Spokesdog" for the airline and named the dog the Official Pet Liaison, with photos of the dog in an airplane giving advice to people traveling with pets.

Boo's "celebrity" status is so high that he was even the subject of a death hoax recently, which is a common hoax created by Internet pranksters usually aimed at high profile celebrities. Boo is alive and safe however, and the death reports were confirmed as a hoax, leading some to suggest Boo had finally made it as an A-lister.

Here is a video featuring Sam the Cat, who has "eyebrows":